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Project Description
WI Assistant is a tool to assist with Work Item actions in TFS.

Both linking and moving WorkItems is made easy with WI Assistant. You'll no longer have to move WorkItems or create links one by one.
It's developed in C# 3 using WPF and it supports TFS 2008

This shows the Moving Functionallity:
WIAssistant Screen Shot

WIAssistant Screen Shot

This shows the Linking Functionality:

WIAssistant Screen Shot

WI Assistant was created and tested using the Scrum for Team System templates. However, it should work with most any template out there. (Though you may need to edit a few xml files to get it customized.)

DISCLAIMER: While I have tested this app on my TFS Server, by downloading and/or using this product you agree to not hold me liable for any issues that may arise from its use. If you allow anyone to use/copy your downloaded copy you also agree to pass on this disclaimer. (Basically I don't know of anything dangerous in there, but if it messes up your TFS install/server/life/anything else you agree to not sue/hold me liable.) If you do not agree with these terms do not download or use this product.

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